Advisory Team

We've built a diverse team of advisors covering various fields and backgrounds. These members of our network provide us with a wide range of viewpoints, professional advice and perspective on our events, projects, decisions and collaborations.

Brian Eno

World renowned artist, musician, producer, as well as social activist, thinker and writer. He is known as the godfather of ambient music and for his groundbreaking collaborations with artists such as Talking Heads, David Bowie, Grace Jones and Coldplay. He works across all genres and fields, and was recently awarded the prestigious Stephen Hawking medal for Science Communication. Brian collaborates with and advises us on our social change projects, and inspires us through his interdisciplinary process and progressive thinking.

Bridget Arsenault

Writer, journalist and event producer. She is a multi-talent who has written for major publications, including Vanity Fair, Forbes and Vogue; she also runs a film-events company, producing and hosting film screenings and festivals working with top-tier partners such as Jimmy Choo, UN Women, Google and The Bulgari Hotel London. Bridget helps us with media strategy, planning, creative brainstorming and acts as a cultural advisor.

Feryad Al Hamawandi

Strategic advisor. He is an independent thinker, able to analyse patterns and opportunities in markets, systems and group dynamics. Feryad has a wide international network across cultural and social layers. We rely on his innovative strategy, creative solutions and helicopter view as we grow the network, as well as his advice on topics like diversity, law, future leadership and inclusion.

Kirk Wornum

Coach, communications consultant and lecturer. With a degree in Sociology, a background in Public Safety Communications, and formal training as an Ontological Coach, Kirk has a unique understanding of social communication structures, group dynamics and individual behaviour. Kirk advises top tier international corporations in different fields, using observation skills and self-awareness as the first step to creating change, and he coaches senior decision makers and managers to enhance their communication skills, interpersonal relationships and the projects they most care about. We rely on Kirk's advice and coaching in regards to inclusivity, communication and transparency.

Michaela Muller-Trutwin

Virologist, Professor at Institut Pasteur and member of committees and advisory boards that help shape policy of scientific, governmental and academic institutions. She has contributed to major advances in the field of HIV research and her work was honoured by a French Medical Research Award. Michaela advises us on our projects that involve scientific advances, human rights, empowerment of women and she serves as a sounding board for new ideas and collaborations that merge art and science.

Vanessa Peterson

Editor, researcher and writer. She has worked with institutions such as Tate, National Galleries of Scotland, Victoria and Albert Museum, British Film Institute and the Wellcome Collection. In 2017, she was highlighted as a young Black British female art historian & critic of note at Tate Modern. She is currently the Research Producer at Tate and the Arts Editorial Director of independent publisher at 3 of Cups Press. She has taught seminars on race, digital cultural heritage, research, art & politics and we ask her advice for those topics.